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Smart Grid

Hexing develops Smart Grid products and solutions aimed at enhance the performance of energy grid, smarter usage and consumption, preserving the environment and improving community lifes. AMI solutions not only covers smart energy requirement, but also can be an important and accurate gate for distribution management platforms to monitor & locate power outage, facilitate demand side management and even effectively track the distribution loss.



Hexing Distribution Automation includes intelligent equipment, smart devices and management software, which help to make the grid smart, visible, and reliable. The portfolio includes SCADA, SAS, DMS, OMS, as well as devices like recloser, RMU, RTU, FCI, among others.


Smart Meters

Hexing provides a package of solutions including AMI, C&I, Distribution Transformer Monitor and ATC&C losses diagnoses to reduce commercial losses and more efficiently manage the use of energy. Hexing solutions help utility establish the baseline for line losses management and ultimately reduce or even eliminate bad debt.


To work with utilities across the Latin American market to deliver innovative high quality products, solutions, and services to achieve sustainable operational efficiency
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Hexing Brasil Holding

Hexing Brasil Holding has been operating in the Latin American market since May 2016. Located in the city of Sao Paulo, provides solutions for Smart Grid, Renewable Energy (eg. Solar Energy), Energy Efficiency Projects, Public Lighting, and Operation, Maintenance and Distribution in Energy Systems. We are exploring the Brazilian market utilizing advanced solutions with easy adaptation for local requirements, aiming at being a sustainable company.

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Hexing Global

Hexing, established in 1992, is a multi-national company offering variety of electrical equipment and relevant solution to global power utilities. With more than two decades of industrial experiences, Hexing is dedicated to develop customized sustainable ecosystem for energy distribution companies including but not limited to micro-grid with renewable energy, distribution automation and smart meter to cash collection resulting in effective revenue protection. Today, more than 80 countries across the world are utilizing Hexing products and solutions for better tomorrow.

The best solutions in smart meters
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E-mail: comercial@hexing.com.br